Lab Automation for Scientific Applications

Hudson Robotics specializes in lab automation. It may be as simple as integrating a robotic arm with a microplate reader for a high throughput screening protocol, or supplying an automated pipettor to save time and increase accuracy versus a manual pipetting process. Hudson’s lab automation scheduling software allows the automation of complex multi-stage protocols using Hudson instruments, as well as instruments from over 200 third party lab instrument manufacturers.

Why Scientific Researchers talk to our Lab Automation Specialists?

  • I’m frustrated with getting inconsistent results.
  • I’m concerned about spending too much time working with tedious manual procedures.
  • I‘m worried about how to meet increasing demands on my time.
  • I’m stressed by how I achieve higher throughput and more efficiency in my lab workflow.

Does any of this resonate with you?

We work with our clients to develop strategies that best meet their unique needs, whether for a large integrated system of automated laboratory equipment, or a single solution product that solves a specific problem. Hudson Robotics has over 80 YouTube videos of scientific applications and workcells that you might be interested in.

We Produce:

  • Large automated workcells for Synthetic Biology, Protein Expression and other complex tasks
  • Robotic arms and track systems for moving microplates for High-throughput-Screening
  • Liquid Handlers, automated pipettors, microplate washers, reagent dispensers
  • a DNA/RNA/Protein/SPE extraction device: the FilterPress Workstation
  • The Rapid_pH pH meter for measuring pH in 96 well microplates
  • Customized Laboratory Technology Solutions
  • Microplate barcode labelers and plate sealers
  • 3 models of Colony Picker instruments
  • Lab Automation Software

Your Applications:

Synthetic Biology

  • DNA Transformation into Bacteria
  • Colony Plating
  • Fungal, Yeast, Stem Cell, Bacterial Colony Picking
  • Plasmid Preparation

Gene Assembly

  • Oligo Synthesis
  • Oligo Deprotection
  • Oligo Purification
  • Oligo Pooling
  • Gene Construction


  • Microbiome / Microbiota Research
  • Fungal, Yeast, Stem Cell, Bacterial Colony Picking
  • DNA and RNA Normalization
  • Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS)
  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
  • Label-Free Assays
  • Handling Non-Standard Sample Plates
  • Protein Binding
  • Serial Dilutions
  • PCR and qPCR