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RSH-4000™ Adhesive Plate Sealer

Hudson’s RSH-4000™ Adhesive Plate Sealer is the solution for high throughput automated microplate sealing. It is the only microplate sealer with an integrated, in-line plate stacker and delivery system. It offers long walkaway times, as well as direct integration to ELISA and cell-based systems. Provided with a wide selection of sealing materials, including aluminum foil, polyethylene, clear and gas-permeable, the RSH-4000 is ready made for automated workcells.

The RSH-4000 eliminates the need to pick-and-place plates in order to automatically load the sealer. It operates as an in-line component of Hudson’s LabLinx track system to seal and restack plates without ever having to lift a single plate! This eliminates the need to “teach” or calibrate pick-and-place positions as well as any chance of spilling or mishandling of plates. This in-line operation also means faster plate processing: more plates per minute than any other plate sealer on the market.

The RSH-4000 is available with Hudson’s StackLink plate stacker for a seamless automated solution to high-volume plate sealing needs. It can be easily integrated with a 96-well pipettor or with Hudson’s micro10 in-line bulk liquid dispenser for unprecedented fill-and-seal throughput.  SoftLinx® software makes it easy to interface the RSH-4000 with other automated instruments for seamless automated control.

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The RSH-4000 is ideal for sealing cell growth culture plates with gas permeable membrane seals. It has many uses in applications involving:

  • bacterial cultures
  • cell growth and storage
  • protein expression
  • compound storage
  • protein crystallography
  • -80 deg.C storage.

The RSH-4000’s extensible track and stacker system provides the fastest, highest throughput system available anywhere for demanding ELISA applications, and for anywhere seals must be placed rapidly and reliably. Integrates with high-speed automated colony-pickers to quickly seal and protect cell growth culture plates . Offers direct track link-up to automated incubators for rapid, reliable sealing and incubation.

The RSH-4000 provides the modularity and flexibility needed by researchers who require their sealer to adapt to many different protocols:

  • Fully automated with integrated stacker and 240-plate storage capacity
  • Integrated with laboratory robot arms for use in small workcells
  • With Hudson’s LabLinx track system, can pass plates through to other instruments in either direction
  • Accommodates most plate configurations, heights and compositions
  • Compatible with most chemicals (including DMSO)
  • Integrated sensors ensure proper positioning and pressure
  • RS-232 interface with simple, ASCII command set
  • Wide variety of sealing materials, including:
    • Gas permeable
    • Aluminum foil
    • Polyolefin
    • Polyester
    • Optically Clear Polyolefin
    • Pierceable Polyethylene
  • Seals withstand temperatures from -80°C to 110°C
  • Adjustable tape application pressure
  • Automatic anti-jamming logic
  • Programmable tape-edge overhang at front and rear of plate
  • Tape roll supply sensor automatically alarms system when low

The RSH-4000 serves a wide variety of laboratory applications at an extremely attractive price.


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