Press Release: Wagner acquires rights to Redd & Whyte Limited and Preddator dispenser

Siegenburg, Germany, April 20, 2016 – Wagner Medizin-und Pharmatechnik GmbH & Co. KG (WMPT), Siegenburg, Germany today announced the company has acquired rights to the total shares of Redd & Whyte Limited (RW), Bury St Edmunds, UK as part of a multi-year strategic partnership agreement.

Effective immediately WMPT will take direct responsibility for all customer facing activities including sales, marketing and field service related to the company’s Preddator nano dispenser. Redd & Whyte will continue development work for on-going projects related to their new, patented nano valves and dispensing modules.

After receiving numerous industry awards for the Preddator and its dispensing technology, the founder and President of Redd & Whyte, Mr. Roger Poole, set out to find the right strategic partner to grow his brand. “We had so much early success with the Preddator that we quickly found ourselves stretched too thin at key areas of our business. It was obvious to me that we couldn’t continue to grow our technology base and support our customers without making drastic changes to our business model.” comments Mr. Poole. He continued, “Early on, I believed we needed a strategic partner that has first and foremost a commitment to customers and field service and has a proven track record of developing an instrument business. Wagner and its principles certainly meet these objectives for my company.”

Juergen Wagner, founder and owner of WMPT commented, “The strategic partnership with Redd & Whyte and their Preddator dispenser is a great fit with our business objectives. We are already calling on the high throughput screening labs with our service business as well as distribution of the ATS acoustic dispenser from EDC Biosystems (outside US only). The Preddator is a great partner for the ATS as well as competitive instruments. It’s capabilities of working with 96, 384, 1536 and 3456 well plates while providing the flexibility to address any of the four (4) valves to any well of the plates and provide on-the-fly dispensing to complete a 1536 plate fill in ten (10) seconds is unmatched today.” said Mr. Wagner. He continued, “In working with many of the Preddator customers over the last year we found that they are happy with the instrument, but felt let down by the lack of field support provided by various distributors and a lack of customer focus from the company in the past”. He added, “We are very pleased to be able to take the Preddator, its dispensing technology and the new Redd & Whyte valves to the customer base with our proven field support programs and commitment to our customers. We are also pleased to welcome Roger to our executive team.”

About Redd & Whyte
Redd & Whyte is an innovator of automated liquid handling technologies to improve productivity in drug discovery and life science research applications. The company provides unique solutions for dispensing difficult to pipette liquids as well as overcoming challenging applications for high-throughput needs.
Redd & Whyte is privately-owned and was founded in 2002. The company has headquarters in Bury St Edmunds, UK. It currently manufacturers the Preddator nano dispenser and new, patented micro-solenoid valves.
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About Wagner Medizin und_Pharmatechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Mr. Wagner worked as a senior field service engineer for large instrument companies in Europe until starting his own company in 2005. Based outside of Munich, Germany Mr. Wagner built a very successful third-party service business focusing on plate readers and high value assay platforms such as the FLIPR and FLPR-Tetra. In 2013 Mr. Wagner founded Wagner Life Science in the Boston area USA and brought in Mr. Scott VanderWoude to operate this business with the objectives to grow the company through collaborations, strategic partnerships and select acquisitions while maintaining the company’s service-first philosophy. Mr. Wagner and Mr. VanderWoude are experienced entrepreneurs and both have successful track records of growing small companies and building instrument service businesses.
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