VaryScreen ADME-Tox System

VaryScreen ADME-Tox System

Hudson’s integrated screening workcell is designed to provide quick and accurate profiling of ADME and toxicological properties of drug molecules. The basic system contains everything needed to support biochemical assays that measure physicochemical properties of drug molecules, such as solubility, lipophilicity, pKa and protein binding, and also supports PAMPA and CACO2 permeability assays. It also can measure a drug’s affinity towards key toxicological targets, such as hERG, and the various CYP metabolic enzymes.

Biochemical Assay Support VaryScreenThe system is controlled by Hudson’s SoftLinx scheduling software, and comes with sample protocols for each of the included ADME/Tox methods. These can be easily modified, or more assays can be added to further customize your follow-up screening efforts. The system comes with a multi-mode reader that not only supports a wide range of protocols, but can also run your primary or secondary screens. This means that you can have your ADME/Tox profiling automatically carried out on hits found in these assays.

Hudson has combined a unique suite of plate handling technologies with the most advanced software scheduler in the industry, and with the best, most versatile instruments available to produce an ADME screening system unlike any other. You’ll be able to do more screens, at lower cost, than you ever have before!

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Below are listed some of the protocols that come with the VaryScreen ADME-Tox system. Each protocol can be run as-is, or can be modified by the user to meet site specific needs.

CYP Inhibition

  • Promega’s P450-Glo™ Luminescent Cytochrome P450 assay


  • Invitrogen Predictor™ fluorescence polarization assay

Intestinal Absorption

  • Transil


  • PAMPA and PAMAP/BBB using phospholipid-treated filter plates, followed by UV/VIS detection
  • Caco-2 using lucifer yellow


  • Spectral Gradient Analysis with UV/VIS detection

Protein Binding

  • HSA binding using Transil® HSA binding kit


  • Kinetic solubility using Millipore MultiScreen Solubility Filter Plates

VaryScreen ADME-Tox contains robotic components to carry out a wide variety of tasks required to set up and run a variety of assays: Liquid Handling, Plate Handling, Reading and other assorted functions.  The basic system contains a mixture of devices from Hudson Control Group and other third party vendors; however, the system can be customized to use any particular device to carry out a specific function.

  1. Micro10x 12-Channel Dispenser
  2. SOLO Single Channel Pipettor
  3. PlateCrane EX – Robotic Arm
  4. LabLinx – StackLink
  5. LabLinx – TrackLink
  6. Multi-Mode Reader
  7. TeleShake Microplate Agitator
  8. VaryVac – Vacuum Nest


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