Label-Free WorkCell

Label-Free WorkCell

This Label-Free work cell allows the scientist to automate the acquisition of protein-protein, protein-small molecule binding data as well as cellular assays that can all be carried out on the Forte Bio line of readers using BioLayer Interferometry (BLI) technology.  It enables real-time, label-free analysis of biomolecular interactions and can provide information on affinity, kinetics and concentration.

Fortebio’s Octet™ platform provides instruments, biosensors, reagents and assay kits forbiomolecular interaction analysis in 96- and 384-well microplate formats.  Its analytical capabilities enable significantly easier, faster and better characterization of drug candidates, providing great value in drug development applications, where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance and cost.

The PlateCrane EX is attached to the ForteBio reader with a custom-made alignment based to ensure the highest level of accuracy and repeatibility of plate delivery.  Also part of this work cell is Hudson’s Micro10x robotic reagent dispener, to prepare sample plates immediately prior to reading.  A bar code scanner is also included, to place the microplate’s barcode into the reader’s output data file. The included SoftLinx interface controls both instruments and instructs ForteBio’s software to load and run the appropriate protocol.


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