PlateCrane VX

PlateCrane VX

The PlateCrane VX™ is the latest version of our cylindrical robot arm that is optimized for handling labware in the “SBS footprint”, including microplates, reservoirs, and disposable tip racks. The PlateCrane is optimized for loading and unloading microplate-based lab instruments, such as readers, washers and reagent dispensers.

The PlateCrane VX introduces revolutionary features for lab automation flexibility and ease-of-use:

Just Move It Near Your Instrument, and It Does the Rest!

Finally, a laboratory robot arm that Teaches Itself! Eliminates the most common problem in benchtop robot systems: mishandled plates from inaccurate, inexperienced position calibrations.

Its great new features include:

  • Integrated Vision Teaching
  • 40% larger work envelope
  • Unlimited Rotation

Hudson’s PlateCrane VX is affordable and flexible enough for automating any plate-handling task.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Handle any SBS standard microplate including 96, 384, 1536 as well as deep well blocks and tip boxes.
  • Plug-and-Play USB computer interface (RS-232 also available).
  • Automate plate handling with over 200 different instruments.
  • Work with lidded or unlidded plates.
  • Small enough to fit into a standard laboratory hood.
  • Random access stacker option for RT incubation and kinetic assays.
  • Add additional plates to active protocols with ease .
  • All PlateCrane systems come with SoftLinx V Scheduling software. SoftLinx is an easy to use, drag and drop control program. Quickly and easily create automated methods.
  • One (1) PlateCrane VX easily supports multiple instruments.

The PlateCrane is available with either a standard gripper* or a side gripper* for random access applications.

*Both grippers are rotary for working with either landscape or portrait nest positions

  • Complete Vision Teaching is STANDARD in every VX
  • 360°+ (unlimited) horizontal rotation for unparalleled flexibility.
  • All PlateCrane systems work with lidded plates.
  • Comes standard with 5 stacks each stack holds 25 lidded plates, 30 plates without lids, or 9 DW blocks
  • Plate capacity can be expanded to 15 stacks or up to three 10-stack carousels.
  • 265 to 500 mm horizontal reach from center axis.

Vertical reach: maximum 559 mm from table; 457 mm vertical travel distance

Height and weight: 710 to 735 mm; 45lbs. without stacks

Operating temperature and humidity: 15° to 40°C ; 0 to 85%, non-condensing

Computer interface: USB or RS-232

Power input: 115V / 220V AC, 50/60 Hz ; 2A




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