VaryVac™ Robotically-Controlled Vacuum Nest

VaryVac™ Robotically-Controlled Vacuum Nest

Hudson’s VaryVac™ robotically-controlled vacuum nest for filter plates has a unique combination of automated lid opening and sealing, precise closed-loop control of programmable vacuum levels, as well as an on-board computer that controls and monitors vacuum ramp-up, hold level and ramp down.

It can be set to notify the user if a desired threshold vacuum level is not obtained because of a damaged plate rim, for example, or other causes of an incomplete vacuum seal.  The VaryVac can be loaded and operated manually, but is also compatible with robot loading systems from most manufacturers, including Hudson’s own PlateCrane EX.

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The VaryVac allows controlled vacuum to be applied to filter plates with collection of filtrates into corresponding wells in receiving plates. A number of applications exist in which this technology can be useful, one obvious one being radioligand binding assays.

In a typical radioligand binding assay, a tissue culture containing the receptor of interest is mixed with the desired radioligand. The mixture is mixed and incubated for a fixed period of time and it is then filtered and rinsed. The radioactivity present in the resultant effluent is counted and reported.

One of the biggest problems with this sort of experiment is the common occurrence of non-specific binding of the radioligand to all sorts of material in the experiment. Anything from non-productive binding on the protein of interest, to portions of the tissue sample, filter paper, glass, etc. is common. Therefore, good control over the filtration and rinse steps are required to give the best results when non-specific binding is being measured.

The VaryVac vacuum nest has features researchers will find very desirable in a benchtop instrument including:

  • Automated lid opening and sealing
  • Precise closed-loop control of programmable vacuum levels
  • An on-board computer that controls and monitors vacuum ramp-up, hold level, and ramp down
  • Users can completely avoid wasted or incomplete vacuum operations
  • VaryVac can be loaded and operated manually or with a robot loading system
  • Offers in-line use with Hudson Control’s LabLinx high-throughput track system
  • Powered by Hudson Control Group’s SoftLinx software for easy interface with other automated instruments

Vacuum Range: -4 to -25 in.Hg

Accuracy: +/- 1 in.Hg

Air Requirements: 80 psi; 2 SCFM ( 0.55 MPa, 60 l/min)

Power Requirements: Input voltage range – 90-264 VAC, Power consumption – 40 VA Max.


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